We are a master stocking distributor for LUBE Corp. Anything you need that has to do with machine lubrication can be obtained through us. If you have a brand other than LUBE that you have issues with or has stopped working, contact us for a cross reference and we can get you the LUBE equivalent that your machine needs. We supply everything related to machine lubrication and have mechanically, electrically, pneumatically, and hydraulically maintained machines for over 20 years.


We have all authentic LUBE Corp grease in stock, ready to ship in 400cc or 700cc cartridges.

LHL X-100-4 (400cc) P/N: 249136 - $35.00
LHL X-100-7 (700cc) P/N: 249137 - $45.00
LHL W-100-7 (700cc) P/N: 249141 - $49.00
FS2-4 (400cc) P/N: 249053 - $28.00
FS2-7 (700cc) P/N: 249063 - $43.00
MPO-4 (400cc) P/N: 249050 - $19.00
MP1-4 (400cc) P/N: 249051 - $19.00
MPO-7 (700cc) P/N: 249060 - $29.00

AMR-IIIDS P/N: 112141 - $1,389.68
Variants Availble. Call to Order

AMO-IIIDS P/N: 138968 - $1,389.68
Variants Availble. Call to Order

L8-R (right oriented handle) P/N: 103112 - $179.93
L8-L (left oriented handle) P/N: 103111 - $179.93

If you need a AMZ-III P/N: 285060 - Please call us at 817-295-1661 for solutions.

If you need an EGM-10S-4-3P P/N: 103812 - Please call us at 817-295-1661 for solutions.


Lubrication is the number one cause of preventable machine failures. Improper lubrication, the wrong lubrication, contaminated lubrication, no lubrication, worn way wipers and way covers, manually lubricated points, plugged filters, are just some of the easily overlooked items that we see regularly. From a manual Knee Mill to a multi axis CNC Bridge Mill, lubrication keeps them moving and lubrication failure is usually costly in expense and downtime.

Protect your investment!


Lube Corporation's revolutionary new lubrication system, the LHLPX1, provides your machine with the correct amount of lubrication just when it needs it. Lowering your coefficients of friction through tribology formulas, we use metered injectors and gauges to ensure your machine gets exactly what it needs, when it needs it. This way, you are not pouring gallons and gallons of oil into your machine, wasting man and machine hours. The typical machine will consume approximatley 55 Gallons of oil a year. With the LHLPX1 system, the machine only consumes 3-4 small, easy to change cartidges. Resulting in no oil on you floor, no oil in your coolant and increased machine performance. By saving man and machine hours, greatly extending coolant life, and cutting your oil consumption, the LHLPX1 saves about $3,200.00 per year, per machine. With multiple machines switched, your shop will be more safe, "green", and cost effective.


LHL Lubrication was born out of necessity and baptized by fire in some of the most harsh conditions for lubrication…Injection Molding. With intense heat and massive amounts hydraulic pressure, LHL not only prevailed, but dominated the entire market. Now it is reaching out to improve a vast array of other types of machinery. With the easy to use cartridge, painstaking oil refills are a thing of the past. Just simply unscrew the empty cartridge and replace it with a new. Mazak has seen the benefits, and now LHL is equipped standard on all their machines. We build the LHLPX1 here, in house, and we are your subject matter experts. For more information on this revolutionary system, click here.